Monday, July 23, 2012

I don't understand hatred

A horrible, vile, disgusting attack took place in Lincoln recently. I don't know all of the details but what I do know is that a woman was viciously assaulted in her own home by a group of men who apparently singled her out because of her sexual orientation.

At first, there was very little information presented in the local Lincoln media (that, itself seemed a little intentional and shady to me). But based on photos and accounts shared on Facebook, it is clear that this was a hate crime and this person was specifically targeted. Gay slurs were carved in her skin. Absolutely horrific! 

Because of Facebook, hundreds of people organized in Lincoln to stand in peaceful solidarity against what happened. The Lincoln Journal Star finally ran a more comprehensive article on what happened when they covered the vigil.

Hundreds attend vigil after reported hate crime

It is hard for me to comprehend why any person would violently attack another person. Period. What goes through the attacker's mind? Where does that hatred and violence originate? How does that level of extreme evil take over a person so that they totally disregard the humanity and dignity of the victim, abandoning all compassion?

Taken a step further, this event was and is a direct aggression on the GLBT community. Misunderstanding, mis-education, and close-mindedness brews hate. It simmers. It smolders. It sparks. It spreads.

I'm proud of those in Lincoln who are standing up against this aggression. I pray for more peace, openness, compassion, and understanding in our world and our communities. We all deserve better.

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  1. I think it's awful that some people in this day and age still haven't learned to express disagreement without resorting to violence. Maybe someday we will be there. You're right Todd, we do deserve better.