Saturday, September 8, 2012

Charlie's love affair with Dr. Wachal and Dr. Fry

Charlie goes to the vet frequently. He is almost three years old and already has amassed a thick file at his veterinarians office. He loves it there. And that is a good thing because he goes to his doctor more than both of his parents visit their own physicians.

First of all, Charlie has severe allergies. His eyes are regularly runny, his ears get caked with brown smelly wax, and he itches himself incessantly. In order to combat these allergies he gets a Benadryl twice a day, but oftentimes it does not help to curb his discomfort. It would probably help if he didn't like being outside but he loves the backyard, particularly rolling in the grass and peeing on everything he can find. It is difficult to tell when Charlie just has allergies or something more serious.

About a week ago, after inspecting him because he was scratching so much, we discovered little bites under his hair. These were probably flee bites so we used Frontline (a great product if you have a pet) to kill off the little buggers. Last year when Charlie had flea bites he was also allergic to the flea saliva which made him itch even more. We just can't win. So again, this year, he was itching profusely. I noticed yesterday that he had these little irritated spots on his legs and a vet appointment was immediately scheduled for this morning.

Everyone at the veterinarian's office loves Charlie. There are two people that work there who also have Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. As a result, obviously, our dog is popular. When he enters the office, he is very excited because he knows that the front desk staff will dote on him, with their undivided attention, and give him a dog treat.

Dr. Wachal and Dr. Fry are wonderful. They are understanding, careful, and treat Charlie well. They make him healthy again. Or load him up with enough medication so that he can live a comfortable life with allergies. 

Michelle took Charlie to his appointment because I couldn't get myself out of bed. I've been working on a kitchen update project all week in addition to going to Des Moines, IA all day on Thursday for work. When they got home, I was told that Charlie had itched his way to bacterial skin infection. So now, in addition to Benadryl, he also has an anti-biotic and prednisone.

These vet appointments are not cheap. I sure hope that Charlie's love affair with Dr. Wachal and Dr. Fry are not intentionally orchestrated by his scratching. Because that is something I wouldn't put past Charlie. 

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