Thursday, October 3, 2013

For the love of popcorn (and accessible windows)

The greatest mistake a blogger can make is to not post regularly. Or, not post anything for months. Maybe I shouldn't call myself a blogger anymore? But I'm not willing to shed that identity yet.

Here's my excuse: moving to a new city, preparing a new house to make it a new home, and working diligently to open up a new store has completely encompassed every waking moment of my time.

A lot has happened (for Charlie) during this transition time.

A couple of nights ago, I made it home from work before Michelle. There have been patches of dead spots in our back yard, so I'm attempting to reseed the lawn. Charlie has not been allowed to come out in the back yard while I keep the ground damp  because he would love to get in the mud and roll around. I let Charlie out of his kennel and then went to water the yard. I was enjoying the peaceful moment, being alone. Then I heard a loud clanking noise. It was more like banging. I began to look around, trying to figure out the origination of the sound. It became louder, more intense. I couldn't figure it out. It sounded like wood panels, knocking against something in the wind...

But it wasn't windy.

And then it clicked in my mind.

We have wooden blinds in the living room.

And Charlie must keep track of his humans at all times.

I turned around and looked back at the window of the house. Sure enough, Charlie was working feverishly, desperately prying his nose in between the wooden blinds to watch me in the back yard. He just couldn't get his face in quite right, so he was shaking his head vigorously back and forth, rocking the blinds in every direction. He would pause for a moment, finding the perfect spot, and then crazily try to readjust again. He has always loved his perch in the front window at the old house because he could jump up on the couch and look out at everyone.

Some things never change.

The only difference in the new house is that the windows are accessible for him without having to jump up on furniture. If only the nice blinds didn't obscure his view.

Another thing that has remained the same is the mutual love Charlie and I have for popcorn. Charlie has become quite aggressive in his begging tactics. He will lay down patiently, next to me, often getting right up on my lap, putting his nose near the bowl.

Stay tuned for more stories (and pictures) showing how we are acclimating to our new home in Omaha, Nebraska.

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