Sunday, January 5, 2014

Already obsessed

My dad enjoys writing. I try to add my own ideas and, generally, I'm pretty supportive when he has the laptop out. I've been wanting to do more than just sit next to him when he writes so I took matters into my own paws.

Recently, I've been very carefully watching his fingers to memorize key strokes and my determination paid off: I discerned his blog password.

I have exciting news to share with the blogging community and I hope that actual canines read this, not just humans. But humans are great. I love them. So humans should read too.

My parents are very good to me and I'm seriously obsessed with them. Several months ago they told me I'm going to have a human baby sister. Now I'm even more obsessed! I can't stop thinking about her. I'm thrilled about living with a little person. Small people are the coolest. But as a dog who does an impeccable job of protecting two fully-grown people I'm concerned what changes a little one might bring.

I hope I can sleep in her crib, curling up next to her to keep her warm.

I want to chase her around the house, just like how dad plays chase with me.

I hear that pregnant women are absent-minded. The other night glass cookware exploded all over the kitchen because my mom inadvertently had the incorrect burner turned up on high heat. It was scary. Accidents happen, but I hate how dad carried me to my kennel and wouldn't let me run on shattered glass to check and see if my mom was OK.

The little kids from the neighborhood came to our house and rang the doorbell on New Year's Day. I can't wait for little neighborhood kids to play with my sister. Kids everywhere! I will chase them. Chasing is fun.

My parents think they can teach me not to jump before little sister is born. I will jump all over her anyway. I will also lick her face, lay on her neck, and show her how much I can love her.

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  1. And your baby sister will enjoy every single of your jumps, licks and squeals. K Pesek.