Saturday, February 14, 2015

Random racing ruminations: Week 12, Viewing the unfavorable favorably

After getting back out on the sidewalks last weekend, this week turned into another string of days without running.

Tuesday I had a five mile run planned. It didn't happen. I put in a long work day and equally long night working.

Wednesday I finally got the chest cold people have been sharing with each other the last month.

Thursday I had another five mile run planned. I woke up in the morning with a horrible cough and sore throat. Then I topped it off with another extended day at work.

This weekend I will not be running either. I considered the "neck" test of running or resting: any illness above the neck like stuffiness and runny nose it is generally safe to still run, but any illness below the neck like chest cough, tightness, or body aches mean it is better not to run. Essentially I'm sidelined again.

I'm frustrated. Frustration has been the theme for the week, in my running life, work life, and generally in life feeling that I'm not accomplishing much. Often, a little perspective hits you right when you need it and that happened for me Wednesday. My barber, who has been cutting my hair for over six months, was just finishing my haircut when he asked, "How did you get that scar back there?" I explained to him that the scar he saw at the top of my neck is just the beginning of a long, disfigured line of disfigured tissue that runs entirely down my neck, traveling the length of my spine, ending half-way down my back.

Typically I don't think about that scar much these days. It is me. I've become accustomed to the neck and back stiffness and pain. It's significance hasn't carried much weight in my thoughts lately. But as I recounted my car accident and the extended healing and surgeries afterwards to my barber, he shared his life or death car accident experience. In that moment, my perspective shifted back to many years ago when life took on a different meaning. Coincidentally yesterday was the anniversary of that monumental event.

So I should be grateful. I only have a chest cold. I shouldn't be frustrated that I haven't run this week, because soon I'll be out running again. I'm reminded there is much in life I must view favorably, even when my feelings are less than favorable.

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