Thursday, April 23, 2015

Random Racing Ruminations: Week 3 and 2, Hopeful tapering

There are one and a half weeks until the Lincoln Half Marathon.

I would not have anticipated where I am with my training.

My last blog post about training for the Lincoln Half Marathon was over a month ago on March 17th. At that time there were seven weeks until the race. My overall training plan was working relatively well and I was getting back in the habit of running, pushing through the ever-present challenges.

Then, out of nowhere, the biggest blisters I've ever experienced formed on both of my feet. I was determined to power through the pain until I put on my work shoes one morning and the pain was excruciating. I tried continuing to run with the blisters but that just exacerbated the problem. As if that wasn't enough to sideline me, I came down with the second sinus infection of the season paired with an ear infection. And the running stopped.

Rest got my feet and immune system well again. I was ready to hit the sidewalks when my job became a primary priority, so the tapering weeks leading up to the race are essentially me wanting to run but only fitting in an outing occasionally.
Saturday 4/18
(6 miles)
Temperature 62
Mile 1 = 8:29
Mile 2 = 9:23
Mile 3 = 8:53
Mile 4 = 8:52
Mile 5 = 9:46
Mile 6 = 8:36

Last Saturday, there was a one-hundred percent change of rain all day until the evening. We had plans that night, therefor I purposefully began my run early in the cloudy morning. Nearly a mile into the run, slow drops from the sky concerned me. My hopeful request to the universe and a quick shout out to hold the rain until after my run must have worked because soon after reaching the safety of our covered porch at home is when the lightening and thunder released their mighty powers on the neighborhood. The sights of Omaha filled me with pride pushing me along the six miles I ran before the rain. It was a beautiful spring run before the refreshing spring rain.

Thursday 4/23
(4 miles)
Temperature 67
Mile 1 = 8:57
Mile 2 = 8:31
Mile 3 = 8:47
Mile 4 = 8:29

I passed my nightly ritual of putting Lily to bed on to Michelle so I could sneak in a run tonight. There was nothing notable about the mere four miles on the trail in Omaha, aside from the simple fact that it felt good and energizing to be out running again. My only ruminations tonight were on my thwarted training plan and my intentions to still run this race in a week and a half. And then there was the hope for a mildly successful finish. I don't need a spectacular personal record. I hope for health and good feelings the next ten days before May 3rd.

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