Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Autumn grilling

I appreciate the four seasons. The difference each one brings is exciting from the cold brisk snow of winter, to the budding green fresh spring, to the warm long summer days, and the cool color changes of autumn. Of course, along with the perks of each season are the downfalls and, let's face it, who really wants to grill in a white winter wonderland?

Being the grill-master in the family, I must get as much grill action out of my system before the winter season hits. Tonight, my lovely wife prepped the food for our autumn grilling deliciousness. She sliced sweet potatoes, then seasoned them with olive oil, a "teensy, teensy bit of salt," pepper, and cinnamon. She cut broccoli, sprinkling it with olive oil, garlic powder, and pepper. Both the sweet potatoes and broccoli were wrapped in foil. She buttered some fresh bread from Hy-Vee and sprinkled it with garlic powder. I threw this all on the grill with some pre-seasoned swordfish steaks.

After a short-time and little effort, the food was ready (the only secret to being a grill-master is not flipping the food too much, each side should be facing down only once). Most of my time was spent watching Chalie in order to keep him from eating acorns off of the driveway. He likes them. They make him sick. He still eats them.

The food we had for dinner was delicious and didn't make anyone sick. To top off the autumn flavor of the evening, we complimented the food with a Pumpkin Shock Top.

This dinner was a different take on the traditional grilling of burgers, steaks, or brats.

The best part of any grilled meal is minimal cleanup with few leftovers.

Charlie tried to sip some Shock Top because he loves beer. Honestly, he loves anything we do. If we drink it, he wants it. He always is sly as can be, thinking he also might be able to get a little people food but that never really happens. Instead he settles in next to us and pouts until we are finished eating.


  1. Dude, you're making me hungry over here! Being a grill novice I'm always curious how other people cook with this whole fire-and-metal concept, and I think the next time we fire ours up we'll try your method of cooking broccoli and sweet potatoes. Did you put any water in along with the veggies or just cook them with just the oil and seasonings?

    1. Simon, you should try veggies on the grill! It is actually easier than you would think. Don't leave them on too long because it can dry them out. You don't have to put water in the foil packet, just be generous with the olive oil. Sometimes we use butter too, but, of course, olive oil is much healthier and tastes just as good. Let me know how it goes... and if you stumble upon any grill experiments that turn out well (we have those sometimes too) send them my way!

  2. Ok, we'll do it! We'll probably start with broccoli and go from there. This weekend we were having an issue with our grill though, and it was barely getting enough propane out of the tank to cook a few bratwurst. I thought the tank was empty, so we got a refill and...same thing. I think the valve on the end of the hose (where you hook it in to the tank) might be bad, but until I get this problem solved our grilling will be put on hold :(

    1. Well, that stinks. This may sound strange, but I've heard that if the grill as not been used for a while that spiders sometimes can crawl in the gas lines/pipes and they build webs which may prevent gas from getting through. Also, depending on the grill, you should also be able to adjust the gas flow through the lines. It's too bad we don't live closer together and we could try to problem solve together...