Tuesday, October 9, 2012

It's the great pumkin, Charlie!

Charlie is neurotic. For those of you who know us and have been reading past posts, you have heard about the craziness that is Charlie. We love this about him. Part of his neurosis is sad. But that does not stop us, his human parents, from enjoying the reactions we get out of him. I know it's bad parenting. I rationalize it as non-abusive because we hug him afterwards. That's OK, right?

There are certain little traditions Michelle and I have experienced together over the years. One of them  is getting together with others to have pumpkin carving time. (I enjoy this tradition much more than Michelle). We do this with family every year, and, then again, with our friends. Pumpkin carving tradition is pretty basic and low-key. You get together. Enjoy each others' company. Drink some beverages. Carve pumpkins. Light them. Enjoy the ambiance from the orange glow. Take pictures to document the occasion. Roast the pumpkin seeds. And then do it again next year. Yes, we do that twice every Halloween.

Michelle let me know of the great Facebook deal (at my own store where I work by the way) of buy one pumpkin, get one free, and suggested I get some. I gladly obliged because picking out the perfect-shaped pumpkin is a strategic part of the carving fun. Walking to my car after the purchase, however, I had another idea for fun.

Last year, we discovered that one (out of many) of Charlie's fears was pumpkins. As I was driving home, I called Michelle and told her to get ready to video the events of me bringing my buy-one-get-one-free prized possessions home.

I know, mean.

But you will see the brilliance of my idea after you have watched the videos of this below...

So, Michelle told Charlie that I was on my way home. It is incredibly cute when Charlie hears that one of us is coming home. He immediately becomes excited, and waits in the front window for our car to come down the street. If only he knew what was in the backseat of my car...

Once he saw my car, he went running to the back door to greet me. Apparently, Michelle was able to get him to wait patiently by the door. The poor guy had no idea what was about to happen...

Now, instead of writing what happened, I think it will be more pleasurable for you to watch some of the events as they transpire in the videos below.

Then, I walked in the door...

After being afraid, not liking the pumpkin, things got a little strange...

We're not quite sure what was happening there... tasting it, trying to eat it, making out with it? If only Charlie could speak a little English and let us know what was going on in his canine mind.

Moving the pumpkin from the kitchen to the living room, led to additional fear. I apologize for the camera rotation here, but not sharing this video wouldn't do any justice to the sequence of events.

And, finally, I went back out to the car to get the other pumpkin. The second one Charlie viewed more favorably than the first.

Stay tuned for more pumpkin posts this season! I am certain there will be exciting updates as the Halloween date approaches.

What do you like to do with pumpkins for Halloween?


  1. We too like to make an event out of a pumpkin carving. We spend time deciding what artistic theme we will go with this year. Finding joy in cleaning out the inside of a pumpkin and calling it "guts". The whole process seems to fulfill all the senses,from the color of the pumpkin itself, the shading and/or painting, the glow, the feel of the outside & inside, the smell of the candle & smokiness of the lid, after burning for the evening. Vern takes great pride in his carving creations, & we pose the now Jack-O-Lantern, as if it was his child. We then can be content with a lovely evening of low lights and the glow across the room of our Halloween creation.

    1. Julie,

      Your pumpkin carving event sounds wonderful. I especially like the "theme" idea! Thanks for the reply!

  2. I like how in the second video he keeps looking back, as if thinking "Is it still here? Oh, it is. Hmm...better drink some water. Hey, is that thing still here? Oh..."

    1. Simon, you have captured Charlie's voice EXACTLY!