Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Random racing ruminations: Week 15, Movement

(3.0 mile run)
Temperature 47 degrees
Mile 1 = 9:08
Mile 2 = 8:44
Mile 3 = 8:49

My short three mile run today was around the lake at work during my lunch. This was the first run since my sad and strenuous interval training run on Sunday. It felt good to get out and move again. Seeing fellow runners making their movements around the trail at the lake during the same time was enough motivation in itself. The quick waves and head bobs as we passed each other communicated membership to some real (or maybe not so real) commitment to a way of living or being. I wondered if I was a poser, since I've only been back at this running thing for over a week. Would the real runners discover I wasn't one of them? I was just on a short three mile stint and then heading back to the office. However, maybe my choice to be out there with them was validation enough.

In other happenings, Lily began crawling for the first time today. Only yesterday, I blogged about how I thought she probably could crawl if she really wanted to. Well, today, it appears she really wants to move. And, therefor, it seemed fitting that today's theme should be movement.

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