Sunday, March 8, 2015

Random Racing Ruminations: Week 9, Inspiration

There are nine more weeks until the Lincoln Half Marathon. My runs scheduled for Tuesday and Thursday didn't happen. Extra long hours put in at work have zapped every last amount of energy. While I abandoned my plans for runs on both days, I was determined to accomplish my long run Saturday. The bright sun and mild temperatures were the motivation fueling my excitement to hit the sidewalks of Omaha.

My route was through my favorite parts of Omaha, areas that have rich history yet have also accomplished significant change or are slated for updates and improvements. It was great to be off the treadmill and back outdoors again. My running thoughts were about how great the city is on foot.

I began with a loop around Hanscom Park. I had a great view of people and their dogs at the dog park, youth at the playground, and the thawing pond. I steadily made my way through the well-established historic Hanscom Park, Field Club, and Gold Coast neighborhoods. I cruised the edge of the University of Nebraska Medical Center. As cars rushed down Farnam Street, I plodded the sidewalks of The Blackstone District where, the night before, Michelle and I had dinner at Mula to celebrate my birthday.

My decent but almost slow pace was halted during mile five by a sidewalk closed for construction and I was unable to safely cross traffic. Once I made my way to the other side of Farnam Street I was quickly at Midtown Crossing and made my loop around Turner Park.

Omaha on foot is an inspiration. There was nothing bland about the sights on my run, except the yet to turn green trees, shrubs, and grass. I was inspired by both the surroundings and the process I've made over many weeks. The human body is amazing at adapting and building up endurance through slow and steady determination. Even though I have been unable to stick to the entirety of the training plan I had set out, I've come a long way from three mile runs and uncontrollable breathing. The end of eight miles felt good. That feeling has me even more inspired for the longer runs scheduled in my calendar and the ultimate goal, the Lincoln Half-Marathon.
(8 miles)
Temperature 58
Mile 1 = 9:10
Mile 2 = 9:41
Mile 3 = 9:43
Mile 4 = 9:50
Mile 5 = 10:38
Mile 6 = 9:14
Mile 7 = 9:47
Mile 8 =  9:28

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